Thursday, November 15, 2012

Standing Ovation: Guan Tianlang

When I was in 8th grade, I was busy worrying about my image and trying to fit in with the popular kids. Guan Tianlang, on the other hand, is currently preparing to compete in the 2013 Masters. At 14 years old, Tianlang will become the youngest player ever to participate in the game's greatest championship at Augusta National next April.

When I first heard of this unbelievable feat, the first thing that popped into my head was that he's just probably a physical freak. Someone like Michelle Wie who was over 6 foot tall when she was just a teenager, giving her the length to compete with men twice her age.


Guan Tianlang weighs a measly 125 pounds -- but the kid still has the ability to not only hang with the big boys, but beat them as well. Simply put, he is an exquisite striker of the golf ball, who started playing the game of golf at the tender age of 4. In addition, he may be making the belly putter "cool" for the next generation of players. He recently converted to the belly putter (even though he doesn't have a belly) and subsequently won the Asia-Pacific Amateur Championship to earn a spot in the Masters.

With most kids his age, Tiger Woods is his favorite player. He's had the opportunity to meet Tiger a couple times and plans on playing a practice round with the game's biggest star to prepare for the major tournament.

Good work, kid. Keep it up.

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