Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Party Foul: NFL Replacement Refs

Don't you love it when refs make opposite calls and then don't talk it over?
Violation: NFL Replacement Refs continue to make inconsistent calls that have left the integrity of the game in question.

Explanation: Last night might have finally pushed us over the edge in frustration. Another week of replacement refs, and another week of bad quality calls. Every team has a right to be frustrated especially Seattle and Green Bay. No matter how that game ended last night, both teams had a case that the refs won the other team the game. There were questionable pass interference calls all night on both the defense and offense. One gave the Packers a critical first down on their only touchdown drive, while another gave the Seahawks a 30+ yard spot foul on a pass interference that clearly wasn't there. Actually you can argue that the receiver kept Sam Shields from making a key interception. What got everyone's attention was the failure of the refs to call the last play. There was a clear push by Golden Tate, but I understand that on a Hail Mary you let that go. But to call that catch a touchdown without even talking it over is ridiculous. As a Packer fan I was shocked/numb after last night's game. So many what ifs and how did that happen? I personally felt that Jennings caught that ball, and although people may disagree it doesn't change the fact that these refs are ruining the game. 

Punishment: NFL is now being compared to the NBA for having bad calls that impact the result of the game. Fans are upset, but to be honest the NFL is too powerful to truly face any punishment that would be worthy of the crime of putting out a bad product for 3 weeks already.

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The blame falls on Roger Goodell and the owners for making this all about money... pay the refs, they clearly deserve the money and the pensions...

I still can't believe there are people who feel that it was a simultaneous catch...


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