Monday, December 12, 2011

Top 10 Reasons Houston Rockets Signed Jeremy Lin

1.       They needed to keep up with Minnesota in the race for the most PGs on a NBA roster
2.       If you can’t have Yao Ming at least you can have his mini me
3.       Dallas Mavericks wanted to sign him last year
4.       Without Yao all the Chinese people that fill the nosebleed seats need a reason to show up
5.       Outspoken Christian seems to be working for the Denver Broncos so why not
6.       He went to Harvard
7.       They thought they were going to trade Goran Dragic
8.       Gasol + Jeremy Lin was supposed to be the perfect Yao replacement
9.       Makes videos with Houston native KevJumba
10.   If he doesn't work out as a backup backup backup PG, he can always move to the front office with Daryl Morey. Supposedly, he's good at math.


11. All the Houston fans with the last name Lin can now buy an awesome jersey!

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