Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hungry for the Cup

Just two days ago, Alexandre Burrows of the Vancouver Canucks was getting negative media attention for what became known as "The Bite". When the referees were trying to break up a fight between Burrows and Patrice Bergeron, Bergeron decided to put his finger in Burrows' mouth. Critics were saying that Burrows went ahead and took a bit out of Bergeron's finger. From what I saw, Burrows was just trying to get a dirty gloved finger out of his mouth because his hands were being held by the referee. Yes that's right, Bergeron still had his glove on when he was "bitten" by Burrows.

After the game, Bergeron said "Oh yeah, he did. He cut me a little bit on my finger." If the critics are going to compare someone to a baby, it should be Bergeron and not Burrows! This is a guy playing a sport that sees players playing through broken hands, separated shoulders, and frozen pucks to the face and Bergeron is crying over a little bite through his glove.

To make things even better, Burrows escaped suspension because the leauge decided that there wasn't enough evidence of the bite. During the pregame, the commentators said that this would serve as extra motivation for the Boston Bruins because they wanted to get back at Burrows. However, Burrows not only played in Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals but absolutely dominated all 60 minutes and 11 seconds of it! Burrows tallied a total of 3 points in yesterday's game, scoring the first goal of the game, assisting the second goal for the Canucks made by Daniel Sedin, and scoring the overtime game-winner in 11 seconds (second fastest overtime goal in Stanley Cup Finals history)!

Alexandre Burrows, you are my hero!!


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