Monday, June 6, 2011

Fantasy Fantasies - Monday June 5

Time to separate the men from the boys. We're almost a third of the way through, there's got to be some desperation out there in your leagues and if you can take advantage of some impatient owner, this is the time!

Buy Low:

Hanley - It took Pujols one weekend to get his mojo back. I think Hanley will have a pretty sweet summer and can still get to 20 HRs.
Longoria - He's been struggling, but he'll go on a tear.
Pedroia - This team is too talented, he will start hitting again
Ubaldo - Last start was very promising, the window is about to close so if someone wants to get rid of him, I'd take a chance.
Soria - Normally I don't care for big name closers, but if someone is looking to dump Soria, I'm buying.

Sell High:

Cahill, Humber, Collmenter, Lohse, Tomlin - All part of the "Can't strike anyone out, but somehow, I still get wins" group. I would move these guys to anyone who's willing to pay a good price
Dan Haren - It's almost the ASB, count your winnings and walk away
Matt Joyce - Doubt anyone will bite, but if someone is willing to give you one of the guys I mentioned above for a guy like Joyce, I would do it!
Alex Gordon - I like him, but if you can get good value, do it
David Ortiz - Another player who I like a lot, but his value will never be higher.

This week's Cash & Trash:

Corey Patterson - Don't look at the name, just the numbers
J.J. Hardy - If you need pop from the SS position (and who doesn't), Hardy looks like he's about to start one of his streaky stretches
Mitch Moreland - not sure how he's under 50% owned in Yahoo! leagues, this lineup is just dirty
Dillon Gee - I hate recommending any Mets, but sure, why not the G-man
Allen Craig - 2B eligible, that's all you need to know

Masterson - Looking pretty awful lately, reality is setting in
Derek Lowe - Can't remember the last time he was good
Chone Figgins - a very one dimensional player: bad
Darwin Barney - Another guy who's back to reality
Orlando Cabrera - Not sure if people own him, but they probably shouldn't


This is interesting. I've been picking up players like Joyce and Hardy, and dropping Barney, but always a day or two before you post. Maybe I should wait for your synopsis first!

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