Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Jersey Shore: Cabs Are Here!

After watching a couple of the trailers for the final season of the Jersey Shore with Boyz II Men playing in the background, it really hit me that this was the final time we would see the gang.

While I know the show is not Emmy Awards material or even remotely close to anything similar, this show brought on a ton of laughs and a ton of shame.  Take 7-8 ordinary Italian-Americans (yes I know Snooki is actually Chilean, but whatever), throw them into a house and make them work with each other -- you are bound for a series of laughs.  Guidos/Guidettes, whatever you want to call them, make for hilariously stupid television.

Mike the Situation brought nothing but "what the hell" moments and thoughts of how is one person so vain?  The lovable Pauly D, who managed to spin off into his own show, inspired us all with his calls for T-Shirt time and Cabs are HERE!  And you can't leave out asinine moments of glory with Snooki.  You had to wonder, was she really this stupid?

All and all, I'm sad to see this show go.  It had a great run while it lasted.  Now it has spawned new shows across the world, from England with Geordie Shore to Spain with Gandia Shore.  An endless supply of debauchery and shame is at our finger tips.  Personally, I'm looking forward to seeing Brighton Beach (New York's Coney Island) and Wicked Summer (Boston) if they make it to MTV.  Isn't this what we all need more of?  Loud-mouthed New Yorkers spewing their pride and Bostonians with wicked accents telling us how to "pahk a cah in Hahvahd Yahd"?  Here's a link for a casting call and what Wicked Summer is gonna be all about.

Last call, everyone.  The cabs are here to take us to the end.  No more GTL.  No more smushing in the smush room.  Thanks Jersey for everything.

photos courtesy of www.thequickanddirtydirty.com, imbringingbloggingback.com, retrospectvintage215.blogspot.com, memegenerator.com


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